PADS is the continuation of an unbroken chain of concrete service on the Northshore since 1972. At that time, Slidell was the smallest of dots on the map, Mandeville's claim to fame was the location of the mental institution, and there was no I-12 to Hammond. I remember those long summer days working in this business, wondering why I even prayed for summer! I guess I still remember enough days away from my summer "sentence" to sneak off on a clandestine trip to a gravel pit somewhere to swim to make those summers worth it.
Our job is people.

The old patriarch of this business understood this. Marvin was dedicated to his job, tried hard to make folks happy with his craft, but he was also kind of a prankster with a cheshire grin and a quick wink to let you know he was just kidding around. So it remains that at the end of our project for you, we should all be smiling. That is our goal, simply put.

On the practical side, we really offer a seamless, easy to use service. We take great effort to leave as small a footprint as possible, minimally impacting your yard. Of course, we carry a full load of insurance, for your peace of mind.